‘At the beginning of this year I wanted to make a change in my life.  I weighed 205, I played softball and rode mountain bikes.  I work for the US Forest Service and during the summer I would go on fire assignments.  This took up a large part of the summer, with 12 hour days seven days a week.  The food I would eat was not good at all.

My wife told me about Living Waters, so I made an appointment.  There I met the owner/operator Darlene Weiss and thus began our journey together to better health.

Darlene took the time to review my current health habit such as eating and exercise and developed a solid plan to improve them.  This was just not giving me a plan and leaving me to execute it.  It was having a plan and joining me in the execution of that plan.

The plan called for visits to her office for infrared sauna use, colon Hydrotherapy and counseling.  Initially this would happen weekly and then as needed.  The counseling was what really made a difference for me.  Darlene took the time to explain to me how different foods react in your body and how each person is different.  During the first couple of weeks Darlene actually went to Briar Patch with me and my wife and pointed out specific foods.  She went over the do’s and don’ts about my diet.  At one point she even came to our home and helped us cook a nutritious, healthy and delicious meal.  This level of commitment really inspired me to be committed as well and help me on the journey to better health.

After two months of diet and better eating I had lost over 20lbs, and I have kept the weigh off.  I feel much better from eating a better diet and I have noticed the results while biking and playing softball.

Darlene still keep tabs on me and for that I am grateful.  Without her I do not think my journey to better health would have been as successful.  I admire and respect Darlene and would recommend her to anyone who might be seeking better health through food and diet.’ RG