Colon Hydrotherapy/ Colonic

Colon hydrotherapy is commonly referred to as a colonic although the two have slight differences. For simplicity on this website, they are synonymous. In these sessions, Living Waters uses the LIBBE device, an open, gravity-fed system. With this design you essentially choose your own adventure with how much water you fill & when you release, helping you feel in control & at ease.

If you feel it is time for a cleanse, colon hydrotherapy & an herbal cleansing kit, you may want to consider one of my wellness coaching programs. I can't say it enough, this topic is what led me into my Functional Medicine studies. I really wanted to discover what health programs worked for who & why. I have personally witnessed some come out of cleanses feeling worse than when they started & some shined so bright it blinded me (kidding/ not kidding). You see, in Functional Medicine even the terms are different. While some might allude to a 'cleanse', others in the FM field would prefer to say 'detoxification' or 'biotransformation' of toxins. It is my pleasure to make my varied knowledge work for you in your individualized detoxification efforts. Book a wellness consult now to get the most out of your cleanse.

For first time clients, I highly recommend you look over all of the f.a.q.s (particularly #8). Upon completing your initial colonic, you and I will discuss what program will best suit your needs. You can estimate about an hour and half for your initial consultation and colon hydrotherapy session. Every session thereafter please accommodate for about an hour at the office. 

Purchasing a series of colon hydrotherapy is usually a good idea as colonics may remove deeper toxin layers at each session to reduce the autointoxication process. A series of colonics will never go unused because they may be shared within your family.

Colon hydrotherapy may wipe out most of your internal gut flora.  for this reason, a probiotic implant may be purchased at an additional charge. The probiotic blend I offer contains a lot of Bifidobacterium, the genus of bacteria that has been shown in research to reside in your colon & decreases as part of the natural aging process.

gift certificates are available upon request.

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