1. how safe are colonics?

at living waters your safety is our upmost priority. for each colonic session a new disposable speculum is used. the libbe, an fda approved colon hydrotherapy device, is thoroughly sterilized directly following the session. 


2. how does a colonic compare to an enema?

an enema will only cleanse the latter part of the large intestine, the sigmoid colon. a colonic will theoretically cleanse the entire large intestine as long as fecal impaction, accumulation and other obstrusions affect the water flow.


3. even if i have a few bowel movements a day could i still be constipated?

to some degree, you could be. accumulated waste, mucus and gas may affect peristatlsis, a natural movement in the colon. this compensation can result in incomplete but frquent bowel movements.


4. what is the ideal bowel movement?

the most ideal bowel movement should be a mid-shade brown in color, feel complete and float at the top of the toilet water for a fews seconds and then make its way deeper into the toilet bowl. straining and strong smells are good indicators that your body is trying to tell you something.


5. does colon hydrotherapy hurt?

no. if you ever feel pain while receiving a colonic please let the colon hydrotherapist know. some discomfort may arise as it normally is only gas or a bowel movement being released. while at living waters we strive to make your colonic as relaxing, refreshing and positive as possible.


6. are colonics habit forming?

no. in fact, colonics may actually strengthen the colon muscles and revitalize them to enhance the peristalsis movement.


7. how much of the intestines are cleansed with colon hydrotherapy?

the entire large intestine to the ileocecal valve that connects the small intestine may be cleansed with a colonic. however, a series is always the best way to ensure a thorough cleansing.


8. what should i do to prepare for a colonic?

eat lightly and intentionally for at least the day before and the day of the colonic. avoid processed, preserved foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, bread and any other items that have been known to cause you gas. drinks 8- 10 tall glasses of water each day. avoid eating altogether 3 hours prior to your appointment. an herbal cleansing product may enhance your cleansing efforts. not all cleansing supplements are created equal.

if you are a first time client at Living Waters, you are welcome to print & fill out this intake form prior to your initial appointment.  there are contraindications of colon hydrotherapy and a doctor’s note may be required prior to setting up an appointment. please look over the health conditions section in the intake form and discuss with me any that may apply.

please call for more information. (530) 274-9738


9. can i work after a session?

yes. you should be able to go about your regularly scheduled day following a colonic. that being said, don’t run a marathon directly after.


10. how long does one colonic session take?

please accommodate an hour and a half for the first appointment as it includes a free initial consultation. thereafter, plan on being at living waters for roughly an hours time.


11. after a colonic is there any chance of adverse reactions?

your body may go in to a healing crisis at any point when transforming your health. if this is the case, rest, drink lots of water, restore your electrolytes (coconut water is great for that) and thank yourself that you are doing a good thing for it!


12. do the intestinal flora get restored after a colonic?

you do have the option of a probiotic implant at the end of the session.