Living Waters is particularly unique as I integrate modern functional medicine & nutrition with traditional & natural therapies. While both paradigms offer gems of wisdom, blended together, they can complement & advance the healing benefits of colon care, cleansing, detoxification & biotransformation, & just about any other aspect of health. I feel strongly that the fields of colon hydrotherapy & functional medicine are stronger together.

Our bodies want to heal & thrive & identifying what obstacles are in our way can alleviate a ton of symptoms & dis-ease. For this, I employ a ‘foods, moods, & poos’ approach to wellness.

  • Foods first, because we all got to eat & what you eat can help or hinder your health progress.
  • Moods, their fluctuation, or what they are trying to tell us is severely underestimated in the health field. Trust me when I say, if you’re in fight & flight mode in your daily life, chances are your bowels are telling you.
  • Poos & bathroom visits are often overlooked in evaluating what your body is trying to say. You will learn more about your body just by being more aware of the frequency, consistency, color, shape & size of your stool.


Living Waters has been serving Nevada County since 2001.