thank you for choosing living waters to serve nevada county since 2001!

living waters integrates functional medicine, nutrition, & colon hydrotherapy to get you feeling better not just in your guts but in your body, mind, & spirit.

at living waters you can expect top quality facilities that are safe, dignified and professional. the libbe is the device of choice which is gravity fed and fda approved equipment that filters heavy metals, bacteria and other organisms.

any concern you may have as a guest is a concern for me as well. while here, your experience is enhanced in a relaxed setting so you can leave your worries at the door.

living waters uses the highest quality essential oils available for complementary aromatherapy during your session. however, please do not hesitate to voice your concerns if you are especially sensitive to scent.

referrals are the support of this business & will grant a free colonic if 3 people write your name on their intake form upon their first appointment.  

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